New video Jackson Audio Asabi Mateus Asato Signature Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Demo @SweetwaterSound on @YouTube

Via Sweetwater @The65Connection

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Brad Jackson from Jackson Audio is joined by guitarist John Souki for an in-depth look at the Asabi overdrive/distortion pedal. The distortion is built around a Modern High-Gain circuit, which produces the sound of a classic British-style high-gain amp. The overdrive was inspired by a popular transparent-sounding drive with incredible touch sensitivity. Four clipping modes yield a gamut of tones, from slightly cooked to fully saturated, while Jackson Audio’s innovative Gain Cycle feature gives you four scalable maximum gain settings. The distortion side’s active 3-band EQ makes tone sculpting easy, and you can also use the overdrive for situations that call for extra grit and sustain.

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